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Satellite based investigation of land surface-climate interactions in the United States Midwest. Remote sensing of fire, flooding, and white sand ecosystems in the Amazon. On being adaptable: Transformative lessons on adaptation through problem-orientation. A case of the tourism sector in Alpine Shire, Victoria, Australia.

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Photosynthesis and carbon metabolism in the mixotrophic dinoflagellate, Karlodinium micrum. Changes in climate variability in the United Kingdom and its effect on the vulnerability of water supply systems. The role of dew in the water and heat balance of a bare soil in the negev desert.

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Influence of riverine nutrient fluxes on primary production dynamics in Ishikari Bay, subarctic oligotrophic coastal environment of Japan. The impact of African air pollution: A global chemistry climate study. Department of Geosciences, University of Hamburg Germany , pp.

Biogeochemical cycling of manganese in Oneida Lake, New York. Biogeochemistry of the waterways in the last free-flowing watershed draining the western Sierra Nevada, California. Ice sheet ablation assessed by observation, remote sensing and modelling. Institute of Geography, University of Copenhagen Denmark , pp. On the relationship between body size and digestive efficiency in deposit feeding polychaetes. Intraseasonal oscillations and interannual variability of the Indian summer monsoon.

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Measurements of reactive trace gases and variable O3 formation rates in South Carolina biomass burning plumes. Community resilience to drivers of change: An analysis of community and household participation in the collaborative forest management program of Ghana. A neural network model for the optimal operations of Shiroro reservoir. Department of Geography, University of Ibadan Nigeria , pp. Market-based environmental regulation in the post-Kyoto world: Analysis of Turkey's action plan in general equilibrium framework. Department of Economics, Bilkent University Turkey , pp.

Indices of pollution in Ogunpa and Ona rivers, Nigeria: Physico-chemical, trace metal and plankton studies.

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Macrobenthic communities of subaqueous deltaic depositions: a case study from a semi-enclosed bay in the Eastern Mediterranean Maliakos Bay, Aegean Sea. Study of the interactions among photosynthesis, respiration and calcification in the scleractinian coral, Galaxea fascicularis.

Max Planck Inst. Effects of forest management and climate change on energy biomass and timber production with implications for carbon stocks and net carbon dioxide exchange in boreal forest ecosystems. From tragedy to opportunity: Long-term development in post-disaster intentional communities. Inversion technique for optical remote sensing in shallow water.

Assessment of glacier mass balances from small tropical glaciers to the large ice sheet of Greenland. Essays in environmental economics. Economics, Harvard University United States , pp. Temporal variability of phytoplankton primary production in CaTS Caribbean Time Series : Emphasis in the impact of the internal tides on the productivity estimates.

Regulation of carbon dioxide emission from Swedish boreal lakes and the Gulf of Bothnia. Molecular analysis of plant acclimation. Calibration and interpretation of Holocene paleoecological records of diversity from Lake Tanganyika, East Africa. Nitrate uptake by heterotrophic bacteria and the diversity of bacterial nitrate assimilation genes in marine systems. Global change ecology: Native and invasive species responses to climate and land use at local to biogeographic scales.

Carbon pools and fluxes along a land use intensification gradient in a Mediterranean ecosystem: controls and carbon sequestration capacity. Climate change implications for conifer distribution and water resources management in the eastern Sierra Nevada, California. Insights into the molecular level composition, sources, and formation mechanisms of dissolved organic matter in aerosols and precipitation. Biological processes influencing nutrient limitation in a lowland tropical wet forest in Costa Rica.

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Phylogeny and evolutionary ecology of thalassiosiroid diatoms. Photochemical degradation of dissolved organic matter in tropical coastal lagoons and its interactions with bacterial degradation. Coral growth and CO2 variations: Biological and climatological implications. Microbial populations of cloud water: Implication in atmospheric chemistry.

School of Studies in Chemistry, Pt. Global environmental change and tourism: issues of scale and distribution. International Centre for Integrated assessment and Sustainable development, Universiteit Maastricht Netherlands , pp. The role of siderophores in bacterial-algal interactions in the marine environment. Toward an improved understanding of the global biogeochemical cycle of mercury. Climate change induced sea level rise and its impacts on the Tamil Nadu coast, India:Framing ecosystem and community based adaptation strategies.

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The development and application of nutrient and carbonate system proxies in the deep sea coral Desmophyllum dianthus. Improving complementary methods to predict evapotranspiration for data deficit conditions and global applications under climate change. A stable isotope approach to neotropical cloud forest paleoclimatology.

Geoscience, University of Arizona United States , pp.

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Physiological pathways and consequences of widespread, climate-induced forest die-off. Physics, Harvard University United States , pp. Cohesive sediment transport in coastal lagoons with special emphasis on the biological influence on the erosion and deposition of fine-grained material. The social context of online news: How incivility in online comments impacts public perceptions of and public engagement with science.

Environmental controls of phytoplankton community structure in the Santa Barbara Channel, California: Application to the dynamics and detection of toxigenic Pseudo-nitzschia blooms. The edge effect: Lateral habitat ecology of an alluvial river flood plain. Factors influencing recruitment of the Dictyotalean brown alga Zonaria farlowii and other sessile marine organisms at Santa Catalina Island, California.

Effects of solar radiation on the abiotic and bacterially mediated carbon flux in aquatic ecosystems. Water and Genius of the Environment. Internal gravity waves in large lakes. Climate change and peak electricity demand: Evaluating policies for reducing peak demand under different climate change scenarios. Department of Geology, University of Toronto Canada , pp.

Environmental Sciences, Rutgers University Cuba , 91 pp. Modelig multiscale variability of Lake Victoria Basin Climate. Regulation of bacterioplankton carbon metabolism in a temperate salt-marsh system. Global model studies on the distribution and composition of potential atmospheric ice nuclei.

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Physiological ecology of Mougeotia Zygnemataceae from an experimentally acidified lake. Net metabolic balance of the microbial plankton community in the subtropical North Atlantic oligotrophic gyre. Ice nuclei, their concentration and efficiency in clean and polluted air and their effects on clouds and precipitation. High-resolution projections of climate change over the Iberian Peninsula using a mesoscale model. Natural attenuation of Cr VI by bacteria in harbor sediments.

A human dimensions approach towards sustainable recreational fisheries management.