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There is little to do at this table but drink bottled water and work. While the semester is young and full of new possibilities, find a place that helps you get stuff done too. Michael Leddy teaches college English and has published widely as a poet and critic.

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He blogs at Orange Crate Art. Where do you want to be 5 years from now, 10 years from now, or even this time next year? Many people think that setting a goal destination is having a dream that is there in the far distant future but will never be attained. This proves to be a self-fulfilling prophesy because of two things:.

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Defining your goal destination is something that you need to take some time to think carefully about. The following steps on how to plan your life goals should get you started on a journey to your destination: Advertising. Goal destinations are the things that are important to you. Another word for them would be ambitions, but ambitions sound like something which outside of your grasp, whereas goal destinations are certainly achievable if you are willing to put in the effort working towards them.

So what do you really want to do with your life? For copy or scan use, there is a big print room on the third floor. Library is a good place for both group and individual use.

It is always a good idea for group members to book a room and gather there. The rooms are small but functional.

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Group members can discuss assignments, make a PowerPoint presentation, practice presentations, and do all kinds of things together. Also, resist distractions by sitting in front of the room away from disruptive occurrences and classmates and by focusing on the instructor through listening and note taking.

Just a few minor adjustments in your studying habits will go a long way in improving grades and concentration. Think about how you find a name in a telephone book. Maybe you use your finger to guide your eyes.

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This type of reading is known as scanning. Skimming uses the same type of skill mechanically but a different skill mentally. With a questioning mind direct your eyes down the column of print, or in a zigzag, if the lines are quite long. Look for exact names of people, places, things, ideas, numbers and words like therefore, whenever, until, because, and instead, to clue you to how and why. When you first start to learn to skim you may see only the words in bold type, italics, digits, or capitalized words.

Soon you will note new or unusual vocabulary. As you become an efficient skimmer your span of perception will develop and your ability to make closure will increase. Skimming is a step you should always take before you read any article of factual or practical narrative. You will soon be able to detect most important facts, strange vocabulary, and words that are clues to important relationships. You may get all the information you want. This keeps your skimming skills from deteriorating, or will give you the practice you need to develop necessary skills.

Skim everything you intend to read before you make a final decision to read, discard, or study the material. Skim all highlighting and develop a read-skim pattern to use for rapid review. Reviewing frequently and rapidly is the best way to memorize or simply remember information from notes and long text assignments.

Skimming is a very useful tool for studying, so learn it and use it! Confused about what to write down in your notebook during class? Get stressed when preparing for tests and looking over your notes? Here are some suggestions to take you from the beginning of the studying process in the classroom, to the end, or the test itself. Read assignments before heading to class. This will build your background for the information that will be presented in class. It helps you be familiar with the vocabulary and concepts.

This is especially helpful if you are unfamiliar with the subject matter. As you read, underline and highlight important information. This will give you a good overview of the information. Although it seems obvious, you need to go to class and take notes. Most professors or teachers lecture during class periods, emphasizing points of importance. Head to class ready to be attentive and write during the entire class. Pay particular attention to the end of the lecture, as professors will cram information into this part to finish up for the day.

Use abbreviations; get details and main ideas to get complete notes. Ask either the professor or a friend via email or before the next class period to get the missing information. Try to pass your first test in each class to boost self-confidence.

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Make up a list of study questions and definitions and practice reciting this information aloud, either to yourself or someone else. Rather, study for short periods over several days. Of course, you will want to review the night before a test.