Essay on importance of education in pakistan

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Public sector education is of low quality due to lack of accountability, small budget and less number of educational institutions.

Development Of Education In Pakistan Essay

Peripheral areas are totally ignored in education. Lack of qualified and trained staff is also a reason for poor education system. A little qualified people who come out of this system are never encouraged. That is why people always look abroad for proper education and good life. Most important problem with our educational system is lack of a single, uniform and proper educational system. We do not have a workable education system.

There are mainly two types of education system in our country, one for common people and one for elite class.

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The education system for common people is divided into primary level, middle, secondary ,higher secondary and university level. Then there is second education system specially designed for an elite class. That is A-level and O-level education system and then there are many sources available for elite class to go abroad for higher education.

There is a vast difference between the quality of these two different forms of educational system. The elite class education system is better then the other one. Obviously elite is the minor proportion of population, thus overall system is poor for education. Similarly as the government has failed to improve public sector education that is why the private sector has over dominated the education system of Pakistan.

Today all parents want to send there children to a private school, for example beacon house school system is o much successful in Pakistan for maintaining quality of education. The only problem with this education system is their fee and curriculum. High fee makes this education out of reach of common people and only elite can afford such education. The reason is their strong hold on the fee and curriculum of private sector that is why the private sector s workable in these countries. Another problem with our education system is the allocation of low funds for education in our country.

In the fiscal budget of which was 2. Government of Pakistan allocates 1.

Conclusion | Education Review Office

It Is not ten only problem with funds there is another problem which is bad management of these low funds given for education. It is a dilemma that most of the fund is wasted in this way by spending most of the fund on repairing the buildings and forming useless buildings. It is education which needs to be improved not the infrastructure. One more problem with the finance for education is lack of accountability.

There is no check and balance and no gatekeepers for the whole management of the funds for education.

Civic Education in Pakistan

The old traditional system of distribution of funds for different universities still exists as it was sixty years ago. According to the director of Teaching Development Centre DC , it is not the low budget which is the main problem,the real problem is the lack of accountability.

Education system of pakistan(CSS Regarding)

Corruption has engulfed this department of government as it has others. A proper system for distribution of funds and monitoring of that distribution is the need of time. Moreover the lack of trained Taft for teaching and research is also hurdle for a good education system. Teachers are not trained and qualified properly in Pakistan.

Government has taken no serious steps ever to arrange proper and regular teaching programs and workshops for teachers. Teaching is considered as the least respectful profession in Pakistan. Those who do not get a Job any where or have no other option they adopt teaching as a profession. There is no charm in this profession in Pakistan primarily due to low salaries and less respect. Teaching has got 6. Most of the qualified teachers teach in private institutions due to high salaries as government does not provide them attractive salaries.

According to a survey there is only one teacher for fifty one students. Not only the teachers are discouraged in education department but also the students. In fact the education field is least encouraged in Pakistan.

Talent is on such a peak that one of a Pakistani student recently got record score in A-level examination all over the world. All we need is a little polishing of these diamonds. There is lack of appreciation for educational achievements. In western countries intellectuals, teachers and students are most encouraged and appreciated that is why they are so developed.