Essay on hinduism and buddhism comparison

Contrasts Between Hinduism and Buddhism- In the religion of Hinduism there are castes, or social classes. They decide what your lifestyle will be like in that lifetime. If you are born a slave, you must stay a slave your whole life. Or, if you are born a wealthy man or woman, that is what you must be all of your life. To the Hindus, it is a sin to try to change what caste you belong to. As well as to associate with a person from a caste that is lower than yours. On the other hand, the teachings of the Buddha did away with the caste system.

A person is allowed to change their social class. They can go from a slave to an emperor or a president, if that is their calling. If they follow the Eightfold Path, then this is permissible. It is an honor to be a monk or a nun, for they are the ones who can achieve nirvana.

A Comparison of Hinduism and Buddhism

Buddhists also will mingle with those of less importance then themselves. Hinduism teaches that you must go through samsara in order to finally reach moksha. They do not believe that a soul can totally cleanse itself of all impurities in just one life. It is a gradual process involving dharma, balancing one's life, and karma, weighing the deeds of a lifetime.

Meanwhile, the Buddha again went and brought question to samsara. He found that it is possible to cleanse oneself in one lifetime and return to Brahma. He called it nirvana. The Eightfold Path serves as an instructional guide as how to keep yourself on the right path to nirvana. Hinduism and Buddhism also have several smaller differences. The area of greatest concentration for Hinduism is India.

India is where Buddhism originated, but Hinduism eventually was a more appealing religion and it died out. Buddhism is found mostly in East Asia, inside China and Mongolia. These areas prefer having many, many small gods, as opposed to the Hindus only having three major ones and then smaller, less important gods.

Buddhism was founded by Suddartha Gautama, or the Buddha. Hinduism was started gradually; no one knows for sure who founded it; most likely, it was many people. Both practice meditation, but they practice it in different forms. A Hindu will meditate obtaining inner peace through the charkras of the body.

Once all of the centers, charkras, have been balanced, a white light is said to be above the person's head, and they are enlightened. Buddhists meditate similarity, but have different variations of how it is preformed.

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Their main goal is to end suffering. Conclusion- The two religions of Buddhism and Hinduism are very alike, and yet very different. To accept their way of thinking, one must put aside their religion if they aren't Hindu or a Buddhist.

Arts and Culture: Religions in India (Part- I):Hinduism , Jainism, Buddhism, Judaism

They strive for an inner peace, and finally to reach heaven through either moksha or nirvana. I being a Christian, have found in some ways it hard to understand the process of reincarnation, and Brahma. Though, I can see how that for people of another culture, these religions are very supportive, and soothing.

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Culture plays a big part in determining your beliefs. Obviously, they are very deep-rooted for surviving for longer than Christianity's been around.

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Through this paper, I learned a lot about accepting different beliefs, and gained a sense of what it really means to be a Hindu or a Buddhist. I admire their strong faith and their desire to become pure and unblemished. Hinduism and Buddhism are two major religions, firmly planted in their cultures, and I am sure that they will remain for a long time to come. Need a different custom essay on Religion? Buy a custom essay on Religion. Need a custom research paper on Religion?

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Buddhism vs Hinduism | 6th Grade Social Studies | History of buddhism, Hinduism, Buddhism

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